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Typical Maintenance Checks

 •  Oil filter changed regularly - every 3,000 -     4,000 miles.

 •  All fluids checked

 •  Tire inflation

 •  Engine tune-ups

 •  Chassis lubrication

 •  Battery cables cleaned and fluids checked

 •  Lighting system checks

 •  Windshield washer blades replacement

 •  Engine belts inspected

 •  Air filtration system checks

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Extend the Life of your Vehicle

Studies have shown that 5% of all motor vehicle deaths are the result of neglect. Ensure your vehicle runs for longer with simple and affordable maintenance. It's suggested to check your transmission fluid, brake fluid, cabin air filter, check engine light, coolant, engine oil, lights, tire inflation, and windshield washer fluid monthly.


Check your wiper blades, shocks, power steering, hoses, fuel filters, exhausts, engine oils and filters, chassis, belts, and batteries every 3,000 miles. Check with your owner's manual for specific requirements.

Price Calculator

Before you trade in your old vehicle and buy a new one, check out our gas price calculator.


If paying for gas in your older, lower MPG vehicle is cheaper than a new car payment, think about keeping that older vehicle.

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