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How to tell if your vehicle is breaking?

Your vehicle can make a lot of different sounds or feel different on any given day. Save yourself time and money and take a look at our checklist below for unusual items that are more than just ordinary vehicle sounds and should be looked at immediately. You only have to use your senses to inspect potential problems.


If you feel these issues, your vehicle may need repairs:

 -  Front-end shimmy

 -  Steering wheel shake

 -  Unusual vibration


Hearing these sounds can indicate a problem:

 -  Clunking

 -  Noise when turning

 -  Clacking

 -  Clicking

 -  Chickachicka

 -  Squeaking

 -  Leaking air sound


If you see these items, call us:

 -  Unusual lights

 -  Leaking

 -  Flickering


Finally, if you smell these unusual scents, your car may need a repair:

 -  Gas

 -  Oil

 -  Burning

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