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Fuel-saving Tips

Before you go on that next road trip, think about these important, simple to do tips that can greatly help save you money on gas. Many aspects that cause your vehicle to lose more gas are easy to fix and can cost less than those high gas prices.


You can lose more gas with loose gas caps, under inflated tires, worn spark plugs, worn O2 sensor, dirty engine oil, and dirty air filters. These small parts are easy to fix and will save you lots of money. If all the above items are neglected, you could lose up to 11.4 mpg.


It's also important to keep at the speed limit because each MPH over 60 costs 10 cents of gas extra. You should also avoid excessive idling as this wastes your gas. Being an aggressive driver can reduce gas mileage, as well. Try to avoid jerky, sudden movements and rapid stop-and-go movements.


Lastly, before any road trip, perform this 10-minute checklist to help guarantee your road trip will be nothing but fun. Remember to check your fluids, hoses, belts, tires, exterior and interior lighting, and wipers. Fill up fluids, replace any old or broken wipers, and make sure no belts or hoses are loose. While you should always check these items, making sure you have enough time to check these before a trip can save you a lot of hassle.

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Important Information for Smoother Driving

A lot of accidents happen every year on the road. A high percentage of vehicle failures are the result of mechanical neglect. Simply getting needed maintenance and performing routine checks can keep you and your car safe.


The leading cause of a breakdown is overheating, which can easily be avoided and 21% of vehicles, when inspected, were found to have tires that were under inflated. Make sure your driving experience is a good one and make sure you have regular maintenance and check-ups for a healthier care.


Check-ups not help your vehicle and make it last up to 50% longer, but can also help the environment. Keeping your tires properly inflated reduces the amount of scrap tires and keeping your air conditioner in great working condition reduces the amount of CFCs released into the atmosphere, gases that are known for depleting the ozone layer. You should also observe speed limits, avoid excessive idling, avoid sudden stop-and-go movements, and remove excess items from the vehicle as all of these items decrease your mileage, which  in turn harms the environment.

The 21st-century Tune-up

Vehicles have gotten more advanced over years, but that doesn't mean they no longer require tune-ups. In fact, the 21st-century tune-up requires more than it did years ago. With items being more electrical, it's important to check more than just spark plugs and ignition points. Highly-sophisticated systems require more maintenance. You should also look at the battery, engine, power train, fuel, ignition, and emissions.


No matter if the reason for getting a tune-up is because of a vacation or just to maintain reliability, tune-ups help increase fuel economy and emissions. Some tune-ups can be done yourself, but others should be done by professionals to guarantee your vehicle is maintained properly.


Tune-ups also differ by seasons. To prepare your vehicle for the winter months, check these important items for safer driving and better handling. Be sure to look at engine performance, that the fuel isn't freezing, oil, cooling system, wipers, heater and defroster, battery, lights, exhaust, and tires.


The summer months have most of the same checks, with a few added items. Your vehicle now also has any effects from the winter months to watch out for. Make sure you look at A/C, cooling system, oil, engine performance, wipers, lights, tires, brakes, and the battery.

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